Happy Pet Friends: Hamsters

Izzi Howell

Illustrated by Charlotte Cotterill
6-9 years
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12 May 2022
32 pages

Help your child to become not just a good pet owner, but the best hamster owner.

This book shows how the right environment and care for a pet helps their body and their mind.

Just like humans, hamsters can get bored. Did you know that they need a rich environment to stimulate their brains? The right enclosure not only keeps them safe, it can reduce stress and help them to live longer. And did you know that hamsters are more active at night? These popular rodents can get stressed if they are woken up during in the day - which isn't good for their mental health.

Unlike other pet care guides, the Happy Pet Friends series puts your pet's physical and mental health and wellbeing first. These books are packed with tips to make your pet's life happier and healthier, which is great for them, and good for young pet owners and any child with an interest in animal welfare, too. Fostering a lifelong commitment to taking care of the creatures who share our world should start young, and this series is perfect for animal-lovers aged 7 and up.

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