Out on 13 October 2022

Info Buzz: History: Tim Berners-Lee

Izzi Howell

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13 October 2022
24 pages

Find out about the life of Tim Berners-Lee from his early life to his career and why he invented the World Wide Web. For children progressing through book bands, it is suitable for readers at book band 8, purple.

The Info Buzz series, for age 5+, helps children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by covering a wide range of topics in a fun, colourful and interactive way. The books have a lively design, engaging text and photos, questions to get children thinking and talking and teaching notes. Each title is written in conjunction with a literacy consultant and features book band guidance and downloadable activity sheets online.

A clearly presented series, with simple and engaging facts to interest KS1 children. - Parents in Touch