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Hunter Killer Spy

James E. Mack

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'For over a decade I worked as a secret agent in a clandestine army unit, tracking down terrorists and facilitating their arrest, capture or death. This is my story.'

James E. Mack has been in many tight spots in his life, ever since joining the JSG, a secretive British army unit that recruited and ran agents in warzones. He cut his teeth in Northern Ireland but he came closest to death in Iraq. Seconded to Task Force Black, the special forces operation searching for high-value Al Qaeda targets, James risked his life to operate under-cover on Baghdad’s streets. His search for the intelligence that would lead to capture-or-kill missions saw him narrowly escape death at the hands of the local militia and outwit a double-agent who wanted to capture him.

In Afghanistan he hunted down the Taliban, from senior commanders to kidnap and assassination squads. Going undercover to stop a shipment of IED components took him deep into Taliban territory, with no possibility of rescue if anything went wrong. As tense and gripping as a thriller, Hunter Killer Spy takes us into a secret and dangerous world and reveals the lengths operatives like James will go to as they race to stop some of the world’s most deadly terrorists.