Ella Bella Ballerina and the Sleeping Beauty

James Mayhew

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Orchard Books


Ella Bella longs to be a beautiful ballerina, and so each week she goes to Madame Rosa's ballet class at the old theatre. As we all know, theatres are magical places where anything can happen, and sure enough, as soon as Ella Bella opens Madame Rosa's magical musical box on the empty stage, she's whisked off in a beautiful lilac light to Sleeping Beauty's palace. But will she be able to help the Lilac Fairy save Sleeping Beauty from the bad fairy's wicked spell?

In the media
Enchanting retelling of the Sleeping Beauty legend ... beautiful

School Librarian

A delightful ballet story with a difference


A very attractive picture book with a classic feel

The Bookseller

Exciting stuff for budding ballerinas - this is a very attractive picture book, with a classic feel.

The Bookseller