Dealing With...: Bullying

Jane Lacey

Venitia Dean
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Franklin Watts


This book teaches readers how to deal with bullies and make sure they don't give in to peer pressure to bully others. It features seven stories from children who have a range of bullying problems from a girl who is being left out by her friends to a boy bullied for the way he speaks. It features both verbal and physical bullying. The stories help readers understand and empathise with characters, while also offering practical advice that readers can use in their everyday lives. The end of the book features a short playscript to act out and discuss. The book has engaging illustrations throughout.

In this series case studies combine with sensible, practical advice to help children aged 7+ find out what to do in difficult situations.

In the media
Reading this book, children will not feel they are alone in facing bullying. It combines real-life case studies with plenty of practical advice to help children cope. It empowers children to ask for help - and to decide when they need help ... The approach is friendly, easy to read and supportive of children throughout.

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