Discover and Do: Ancient Greeks

Jane Lacey

6-9 years
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14 April 2022
32 pages

DISCOVER the facts and DO the activities in this fun history series!

Discover and Do! History is the perfect introduction to history for readers aged 7 and up who enjoy getting creative! Each book looks at core history topics and brings them to life through a lively combination of arts and crafts activities and quiz questions.

Discover & Do! Ancient Greeks takes an up-close look at this fascinating civilisation, exploring essential history topics such as Greek architecture, governing, education and social systems, alongside details of their famous gods and myths, and how the people lived day-to-day. Along the way, readers will discover how to make their own 3-D Parthenon, construct and use a set of knucklebones, make a usable abacus, write in Greek and much more!

Titles in the series:
Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Greeks