Discover and Do: Rivers

Jane Lacey

6-9 years
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13 May 2021
32 pages

DISCOVER the facts and DO the activities in this fun geography book all about awesome rivers!

Discover and Do! Geography is the perfect introduction to geography for readers aged 7 and up who enjoy getting creative! Each book looks at core geography topics and brings them to life through a lively combination of experiments, craft activities and quizzes.

Discover & Do! Rivers takes an up-close look at rivers, exploring essential geography topics such as erosion, pollution and wildlife habitats, alongside details of how rivers are used by people for work or sport, and how children can help keep their local rivers clean and healthy. Along the way, readers will discover how to make a model canoe, assemble a water filter, make a model river - which uses real water to show how it follows its downhill course - and much more!

Contents of Discover & Do! Rivers:
What is a River?
All Along a River
Wearing Away the Land
Flood Plains
Bends and Loops
River Plants
River Wildlife
Using Rivers
River Transport
Enjoying Rivers
Caring for Rivers
Quiz and Further Information

Titles in the series:
By the Sea
Caring for Our Earth