Bullies, Bigmouths and So-Called Friends

Jenny Alexander

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Hodder Children's Books


Most books about bullying tell children how to act without addressing how they feel. But the usual advice to 'ignore it' or 'say something smart' is doomed to fail, as you can't act brave and confident if you feel stressed and helpless inside.

Jenny Alexander's approach is to develop readers' psychological defences. Through an entertaining mix of exercises, quizzes and fictional scenarios, she combines common sense with simple cognitive therapy techniques, to build up children's self esteem. Her tone is humorous and upbeat, but always sensitive to the reader's feelings.

This new, updated edition takes account of recent technologies such as texting, MSN and bluejacking, which are increasingly abused by bullies.

In the media
At last, a book that really helps you deal with the people in your life who are making you miserable. This book gives sensible, practical advice.

The Bookseller

Pleasingly accessible...immensely practical. Helpful for any child who finds the playground a bit of a jungle, which, let's face it, is just about all of them.

The Independent

This is the ideal book for teachers or counsellors working with children as well as children themselves.

Education Today

The author offers brilliant tips for children who may be struggling when the usual advice of 'ignore it' isn't working

The Sun