Midnight is a Place

Joan Aiken

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Hodder Children's Books


Lucas is lonely. Orphaned and sent to live with his formidable guardian in a vast mansion, he longs for a friend.

Then Anna-Marie arrives. She's spoilt and wilful - and practically half his age. Lucas feels more alone than ever.

But one night something terrible happens. Lucas and Anna-Marie face a terrifying and treacherous ordeal, alone in the hostile city streets. Together, they must fight to survive ...

The 40th anniversary edition of a compelling tale of villainy and suspense - from the best-selling author of THE WOLVES OF WILLOUGHBY CHASE.

In the media
Joan Aiken is one of the most remarkable writers in modern children's fiction.

The Sunday Times

An old-fashioned rattling good yarn, full of extraordinary characters and gloriously rich language

Adele Geras, TES

Joan Aiken is a superb storyteller. Even when her stories touch on the dark, mystical side, they pull children with with fascination, not fear

Sainsbury's Magazine

Fog Hounds: 'Spellbinding adventures which are modern fairy tales.'

Aldershot Mail