Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?

Joanna Nadin

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Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


From the author of JOE ALL ALONE - a BAFTA winning and Emmy nominated CBBC series.

A story about finding yourself when everything changes and believing that love never runs out. Perfect for fans of A Boy called Hope and Jacqueline Wilson.

Eleven-year-old Birdy Jones is all alone. She doesn't belong at school, at home, or even with her dad anymore. The only place she feels like herself is at her grandpa's pigeon loft, where the familiar warmth and birdsong block out the world. It's also where she meets Dogger - her only friend and the one person who really seems to know where she's coming from.

Birdy used to be happy, when it was just her and Dad, but now she has a stepmum, a little sister, and another baby on the way. Worse, her growing family needs to move house, but Birdy doesn't believe there'll ever be enough room for her in Dad's busy life - and she can't leave Grandpa and the pigeons. She won't.

Birdy dreams of a different family and future, and with Dogger's help she decides to find one - even if it means running away from everything she's ever known. But sometimes you need to fly away to find your way home again . . .

In the media
A poignant story of family, friendship and the things that matter, with an audacious heroine


A great tale of home, homing birds and belonging . . . drenched in atmosphere . . . full of heart


Insightful and perceptive, this is an excellent read about contemporary issues with superb characters and thought-provoking scenarios.

Parents in Touch

I don't mind admitting that I bawled my eyes out over Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones? It's just so lovely and heartfelt and genuine [...] There's so much to love about this story [...] I won't forget Birdy Jones for a long time.

Jill Murphy The Book Bag