The Fighting Forces of the Second World War: In the Air

John C. Miles

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Franklin Watts


A look at the heroic fighting forces of the Second World War

How did the forces that fought in the air affect the outcome of the Second World War? This book explores the units who battled it out to win supremacy in the skies during the Second World War, from the Luftwaffe and RAF, to the Japanese Kamikaze squadrons. Along the way, readers will discover the key battles, tactics and weapons that helped the Allies to victory.

The Fighting Forces of the Second World War is a must-read for all young military buffs, who enjoy poring over the tactics, uniforms, weapons, special equipment and much more of the heroic fighting forces who waged the Second World War. Key battles and notable events, told chronologically, provide a useful solid historical structure and offer key learning, while the single-topic approach allows easy comparison between the different sides.

A great series for readers aged 11 and up.