Infographic: Top Ten: Record-Breaking Animals

Jon Richards

Ed Simkins

6-9 years
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28 January 2016
32 pages

From the deadliest to the loudest and from the largest to the fastest, this book looks at the amazing record-breakers of the animal kingdom. It uses stunning icons, graphics and visualisations to show how these amazing creatures raise the bar in the natural world.

See which birds have the largest wings and how they use them!

Discover which animals make the loudest sounds and why!

See how big bugs can grow!

Read about which animals would win in a sprint race!

This series is very appealing and would attract those who like reading about the topic covered as well as students who enjoy browsing information books generally and prefer non-linear formats.

School Librarian

Through beautifully designed infographics, this book is both fascinating and visually appealing to children

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