The Big Picture: Living Habitats

Jon Richards

6-9 years
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28 January 2021
32 pages

This series of stunning illustrated books demonstrates the stories behind some of nature's greatest phenomena

In Living Habitats, discover Earth's wondrous variety of ecosystems and their wildlife, from parched deserts to steamy rainforest and from icy polar regions to the deep ocean.

Key information is presented in accessible chunks and accompanied by stunning panoramic illustrations, whilst infographic panels offer the reader memorable bite-sized facts. With an interest range of 9-11 years, this series is ideal for children who are looking to learn more about nature and the environment.

- A world of habitats
- Tropical rainforest
- Temperate rainforest
- Desert
- Mountains
- Brush and scrubland
- Rivers and lakes
- Temperate grassland
- Tropical grasslands
- Temperate forest
- Forests of Eurasia
- The tundra
- The Arctic