Monster Science: The Science Behind Mermaids, Werewolves and Bigfoot

Joy Lin

Illustrated by Violet Tobacco
6-9 years
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12 August 2021
32 pages

The myth-busting Monster Science series explores the science behind the hottest monsters in pop culture.

How would a mermaid breathe underwater, with lungs like a human or gills like a fish? Does the law of conservation of mass apply when a human transforms into a wolf in the moonlight? Could Bigfoot be part of human evolution? Discover whether the scariest monsters could exist when you apply the hard facts of science.

Science principles come to life through quirky and humorous explanations, paired with illustrations that strike a balance between the right amount of gory and funny.

Author Joy Lin, named one of the most inspirational science teachers by TED Ed, has a featured series on their website. She is also a screenwriter and comedian, and presents superpower science theories at various Comic Cons. Joy is also the author of the series Superpower Science.