Kangaroo's Cancan Cafe

Julia Jarman

Lynne Chapman
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Hodder Children's Books


When Kangaroo visits France, he falls in love with the cancan. Back in Australia, he decides to set up his very own Cancan Cafe. But will his auditions fall flat on their face? No one seems capable of mastering the dance and so Kangaroo's spirits start to droop, but then he hears a rumour that there is someone who really can do the cancan . . .

Bright and fun, this brilliant rhyming book with its hilarious and action-packed illustrations is a delight to share and read aloud.

In the media
Packed with a whole troupe of hilarious animals ... beguiling ... Full of fast-paced, rhythmic rhyme

Publishing News

Fast-paced and full of fun


Beautifully vibrant

5 to 7 Educator

Written in the sort of rhyme which children find delightful with vocabulary to stretch their imaginations and give them lots to think and laugh about

NLA Guide to Literary Resources 2005