Out on 12 January 2023

Coding Unplugged: With Number Play

Kaitlyn Siu

Illustrated by Dave Smith
6-9 years
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12 January 2023
48 pages

Getting kid-coders off the screen and on their feet having hands-on, unplugged, active FUN!

It's time to have some fun with coding and numbers - in all kinds of surprising places. From obstacle courses to treasure maps, this book gets kid-coders talking like computers and debugging like pros. With the help of familiar number concepts - plus a little fresh air and teamwork - the coding learning really comes to life!

The Coding Unplugged series uses creativity and physicality to engage children with the cardinal coding concepts, without the need for any hardware or screen time. By taking coding offline, it's easy to focus on
the basic concepts, which are fundamental to learning to code. Combining coding learning with creative
or physical activities is also a great way to embed the information and keep children active.

Titles in the series:
Coding Unplugged with ART
Coding Unplugged with NATURE
Coding Unplugged with NUMBER PLAY
Coding Unplugged with SCIENCE