Out on 10 February 2022

First Steps in Coding: What's a Loop?

Kaitlyn Siu

Illustrated by Marcelo Badari
0-5 years
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10 February 2022
32 pages

Fundamental and FUN first coding concepts for kids, and the great thing is: it's unplugged!

What's a Loop? ... a tree house adventure! is an exciting story that leads children through the idea of loops in everyday life, and the super-important concept of debugging errors in their code. Flash, Jet and Zeb, the super-powered robots who star in this story, learn these fundamentals of coding as they build an incredible tree house together!

In the First Steps in Coding series, children are encouraged to become super coders with the help of various colourful and friendly robots, who are all going on awesome adventures. Children as young as 3-5 years old learn code through unplugged stories with bright and cheerful illustrations.

Interactive elements throughout each book encourage hands-on engagement from children, and each story finishes with a creative activity to cement their coding learning.

A parent, carer and teacher's guide at the back of each book makes this a great resource for home school and classroom learning.

Titles in the series include:
What's an Algorithm? ... a splash park adventure!
What's Branching? ... a birthday adventure!
What's Decomposition? ... a rock-and-roll adventure!
What's a Loop? ... a tree house adventure!
What's Sequencing? ... a school-day adventure!
What's a Variable? ... a story-time adventure!