I am not an Elephant

Karl Newson

Ross Collins
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A laugh-out-loud funny picture book, written by Karl Newson and illustrated by the award-winning Ross Collins.

When Mouse is accused of being an elephant by a passing gecko, a porcupine and a marmoset, Mouse is not impressed. Despite having flappy ears and a pointy nose, this Mouse is definitely NOT an elephant!

But could Mouse be an owl, a sheep, a yak or a cow? Mouse persuades the others that it's what's on the inside that counts... and maybe Mouse is actually a Moose?

With vibrant, characterful illustrations, this hilarious follow on to the acclaimed I Am a Tiger introduces a whole new range of animals for the feisty Mouse to bamboozle.

In the media
Collin’s fabulous illustrations bring out a wonderful quirkiness from each of the animals, and the result is wonderfully playful and giggle-inducing tone

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