Reading Champion: Kind Kitty

Katie Dale

Illustrated by Daniele Fabbri
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26 November 2020
24 pages

This story is part of Reading Champion, a series carefully linked to book bands to encourage independent reading skills, developed with Dr Sue Bodman and Glen Franklin of UCL Institute of Education (IOE)

Kitty loves to make people happy. When she sets off to buy apples to bake a pie for her son, she winds up helping many people along the way, including a needy donkey! Learn about empathy, generosity and the power of modelling kindness with this beautifully illustrated story from Katie Dale and Daniele Fabbri.

Reading Champion offers independent reading books for children to practise and reinforce their developing reading skills.

Fantastic, original stories are accompanied by engaging artwork and a reading activity. Each book has been carefully graded so that it can be matched to a child's reading ability, encouraging reading for pleasure.