Dinosaur Infosaurus: Dinosaur Babies

Katie Woolley

6-9 years
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11 March 2021
32 pages

Everything you need to know about dinosaurs in bite-size infographic information

Did you know that T. rex's nest is thought to have been 3 metres wide? That's about the same length as two bikes end to end! Explore the world of baby dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Babies. Learn about eggs, how dinosaur babies grew up to be huge creatures, how much they ate and how they developed... You'll find out all kinds of fascinating facts about these fierce and violent beasts.

The Dinosaur Infosaurus series presents to you pre-historic beasts in all their terrifying glory, with realistic artwork alongside digestible chunks of information presented as infographics.

Other topics in the series are killer dinosaurs, gigantic dinosaurs, dinosaur bones and fossils, the age of dinosaurs,sea and sky monsters and dinosaur babies.

Perfect for readers aged 7+.