Out on 08 September 2022

Jump into Jobs: Working with Animals

Kay Barnham

Illustrated by Jennifer Naalchigar
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08 September 2022
32 pages

Does your child love animals? Do they think that they might want to work with animals one day when they are grown up? Help your child to find out about all sorts of jobs that people do with animals as they join Billie and their very silly pet cat, Mia, on a magical tour of the world of work.

Billie has a very special dressing up box. When they choose an outfit from the box, they are whisked away to meet all sorts of people doing all kinds of amazing job. In Working with Animals, Billie and Mia meet a vet, a mounted police officer, an ornithologist, a bee keeper, a wildlife film-maker, a zoologist and many more. Together, they find out lots of interesting things about these jobs these people do and the animals they work with. (And be sure to take a close look to see what naughty and silly things Mia gets up to in the funny illustrations)

Jump into Jobs is no ordinary careers book. It's designed to help young children to think not only about the job that they might want to do in the future, but to be inspired by the world of work that is happening all around them. Each book concludes with a spread to encourage children to research the topic further through fun activities. The series is perfect for children aged 5 and up who are interested in what adults do all day and as part of a well rounded PSHE curriculum.

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