Why Do I Have To ...: Share?

Kay Barnham

Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan
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10 March 2022
32 pages

If your kids don't think that they should have to share, then you should read this book together!

Are they worried their toys might get damaged, don't realise that sharing is kind or think that eating all the sweets is a great idea? Well, if they read this book they might change their mind.

With all the excuses and avoidance tactics, meet our cast of funny and quirky characters and find out why sharing is good for everyone.

Why Do I Have To is a PSHE series that takes a look at common areas of resistance that young children often can't see the point in doing, such as cleaning their teeth, sharing toys, or eating their greens. They're a great resource for parents, teachers and carers alike as they contain realistic scenarios, discussion points and fast facts. Each scenario presents a problem and then a resolution with a positive and empowering outcome for all involved.

Ideal for children aged 5 and up and those who are studying the 2020 RSE curriculum.

Titles in this series:
Eat Healthy Food?
Go To School?
Go To Sleep?
Keep Clean?
Tell the Truth?