The Goody

Lauren Child

0-5 years
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03 September 2020
32 pages

Chirton Krauss is a good child - the very goodest. He does everything he is told, when he is told. He even does good things without being told. He eats his broccoli, he goes to bed on time and he never, ever sticks his finger up his nose.

Meanwhile, Chirton's sister, Myrtle, is NOT a good child. She stays up late, she never cleans out the rabbit's hutch and she drops her choco puffs all over the carpet!

But what will happen when Chirton Krauss decides that being THE GOODY isn't so good after all?

A charmingly funny story about the importance of kindness, and allowing children the freedom to be themselves. From Lauren Child, multi-award-winning creator of Charlie and Lola and Waterstone's Children's Laureate 2017-2019.

'Child's 1960s-inflected collage-style art is as appealing as ever, and her narrative...carries an unimpeach­able message, namely that people are more complicated than the labels they are assigned.'

Financial Times

The former laureate Child's insightful picture book is perceptive about an important aspect of childhood behaviour. Strikingly stylish, balancing simplicity and busy pattern, it considers the siblings Chirton and Myrtle, who are cast, respectively, as good and bad, but find a mixture of both in themselves.

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

This is a charming story which encourages children to think about the importance of kindness and what sort of person they want to be. Another surefire hit from Lauren Child.

Paisley Daily Express, Press Association