Best Friends' Bakery: Cupcakes and Contests

Linda Chapman

Kate Hindley
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Eleven-year-old Hannah Hallett has loved baking all her life and is endlessly coming up with amazing new ideas. Her mum's just the same - and now she's moved the whole family to the countryside so she can pursue her dream of opening her own bakery!

Hannah's favourite TV programme - JUNIOR BRILLIANT BAKER - is open for auditions! Hannah knows that she'd be the perfect contestant, and she can't wait to apply with best friend Mia. But what will the girls do when only one of them gets through to the show? Will the reality of TV stardom be too much to handle? And which is more important, baking or family?

In the media
Once I'd started the book I found I raced through it. There's a real sense of needing to know what's going to happen in the story!