Philippa Fisher and the Stone Fairy's Promise

Liz Kessler

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The third magical fairy novel in the Philippa Fisher series from bestselling Emily Windsnap author, Liz Kessler.

Philippa is looking forward to spending New Year in the village where her new friend Robyn lives. But her fairy godsister Daisy, assigned to a new job but disobeying orders as usual, turns up to warn her that something really bad (SRB) is going to happen! What they don't know is that a fairy has gone missing from the ancient stone circle on the moors - and that at ATC (Above the Clouds) Headquarters, the fairy godmothers in charge have a special plan for them...

A perfect story for Liz Kessler's many fans, in which humans and fairies swap worlds with dramatic and unexpected consequences.

In the media
A fast paced, magical tale which shows the value of true friendship

Book Rabbit

A cracking good read

School Librarian

Lots of humour, adventure, magic and a few surprises

Primary Times

A warm and magical tale which will appeal to any girl who understands the true value of friendship