Out on 06 January 2022

The Sad Ghost Club Volume Two

Lize Meddings

10-12 years
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06 January 2022
208 pages

Ever felt anxious or alone? Like you don't belong anywhere? Like you're almost... invisible? Find your kindred spirits at The Sad Ghost Club. (You are not alone. Shhh. Pass it on.)

When two strangers meet at a party and realise they both feel different from everyone else there, they start the The Sad Ghost Club - a secret society for the anxious and alone, a club for people who think they don't belong.

But when a third ghost wants to join the club, things get a bit more complicated. Can the two ghosts overcome thier insecurities and uncertainties in thier new friendship, and find a way to welcome new members to the club?

For fans of Heartstopper and Jennifer Niven, and for anyone who's ever felt invisible.