Never Take a Bear to School

Mark Sperring

Britta Teckentrup
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A delightfully funny story that will reassure every child anxious about starting a new school or nursery.

Bears are clumsy. They don't sit still. They're much, much bigger than teachers - and they eat SUCH a lot of lunch! Yes, taking a bear to school is a BAD idea. But will this little boy find the courage to face the first day of school alone?

With so much to do, like painting, dressing up, storytime, and making new friends, he just might! And Bear? He'll always be waiting at the end of the day, with a great big hug!

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This brilliantly imaginative tale will delight and reassure

Baby Hampshire

A lovely, warm-hearted story to share with those soon to make the transition from nursery or playgroup to school.

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