A Time of War

Mary Hocking

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A Time of War offers a first-hand looks at the dangers, loves and everyday dramas of a Fleet Air Arm Training centre. Set in the West Country, it give a Wren's- eye view of the WWII - following a group of young women as they enter the services world. Mary Hocking's novel explores the gossip, the parties, and the tedium of wartime - and how the women and their friendships are tested by it.

The women found within cabin 8 have been forced together despite their differences. We meet Kerren, an Irish girl who starts her story swept away with the romance of war-time; Beatie, confident and unafraid; Jessie insecure and unsure of her place with the other girls; Robin, immaculate and standoffish and the other, changing inhabitants of cabin 8.

As each woman interacts with the war in her own, unique way, we build up a picture of the real life of wartime Britain through the people who lived through it.

In the media
It reads like a straight slice out of war-time life, written with almost ostentatious quietude, but a lot of skill has gone into it. The atmosphere is vividly recaptured

Norman Shrapnell

Readable, serious and often witty. Miss Hocking has an acute eye for social behaviour

The Times