The Winter City

Mary Hocking

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The conflict between personal responsibility towards individuals and concern for which is no less forceful today than when Mary Hocking wrote this novel.

The Winter City is set in an Iron-curtain country where the people are on the point of rising against their Communist government. Widowed Helen Jenner and her young Canadian friend, Kate Blanchard, work at the British Embassy in the capital. Kate is infatuated with Doyle Lawrence, and EngIish journalist secretly involved with the revolutionary movement. Doyle's friend, Paul Daniels, also a journalist but a more responsible character, has fallen in love with Helen.

When the revolution finally breaks out, both Doyle and Paul find themselves in situations where the most difficult decisions of their lives have to be made. Both must draw on immense reserves of courage to follow what they know deep down to be the right path.

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A true novelist. She writes economically and precisely . . . There's insight and imagination at work in this novel

Walter Allen

Mary Hocking deals cleverly with the tensions in the Anglo-Saxon embassy circles of an Iron Curtain country on the eve of revolution . . . She shows us how differently civilised people can react to danger, and gives us a dramatic idea of the tortuous labyrinth of an underground movement. Her narrative is taut and her characterisation vivid.


Finely told study of human relationships.

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