The Young Spaniard

Mary Hocking

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There was a gleam of humour in his eyes, but it was not strong enough to counteract a certain bleakness in the thin face. What was there here for Rose?

A Scots lawyer, James Kerr, has been asked by a relative to investigate the rumour that his cousin, Rose, has taken up with 'a young Spaniard'. When he reaches Barcelona, he finds that Raoul is not so young, and that his affair with Rose, who works in a travel agency, presents certain enigmatic aspects. And how does the scruffy, ex-Civil-War fighter, Milo, come into the picture? Unwillingly James Kerr finds himself embroiled in the mystery, suffering painfully at the hands of the police, but prevented from chucking up the whole business by his growing love for Rose's friend, Frangcon, a young schoolmistress.