Visitors to the Crescent

Mary Hocking

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When an antique shop in Holland Park is burgled, the seemingly quiet life of its proprietors, Edward Saneck and George Vickers, is suddenly in the spotlight. Why are the police so interested in a run-of-the-mill burglary, and what does it have to do with a hit and run which happened down the road?

Upstairs in the flat above the shop, the residents are also hiding secrets. Jessica Holt, a shy children's book writer is having an affair with Saneck, a man with a devastating and shadowy past. Lodger Paddy is a troublemaker, mixed up with some unpleasant characters, including the violent and controlling Vickers. Superintendent Harper and Inspector MacLeish have their work cut out unravelling the complex web woven by these residents. Each has their own reason for mistrusting the police but as Vickers becomes ever more dangerous, the truth of life at Cedar Crescent must come crashing down around them.

A tense psychological thriller packed with intrigue and espionage, with characters that will keep you guessing.

In the media
Very much more than just a superior thriller with psychological undertone

Times Literary Supplement

This admirable novel breaks through the conventions of the spy story, to comment at large-but with a feminine exactness-on the love affair between crime and punishment that is our law

Glasgow Herald

. . . deftly plotted, exciting, and contains passages of dramatic writing that make the pulses beat faster. . .

The Listener

Miss Hocking has an admirable gift for narrative . . . continuously exciting . . . very well written

The Times