The Borrowers 2-in-1

Mary Norton

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Orion Children's Books


Deep beneath the floorboards lives the tiny Borrower family - Pod, Homily and Arrietty Clock. Everything they have is borrowed from the humans above them, even their names are not quite their own. There is just one rule: they must never be seen. Then one day Arrietty meets the boy, and the family's incredible adventure begins.

A great value hardback edition of the first two classic BORROWERS books to tie in with this year's BBC 90-minute family Christmas special.

In the media
As exciting as it is alarming, the story of the family living beneath the floorboard is a fun bedtime read for children aged five to nine


These stories are classics; they are fantastic to read aloud and a must-have for every child's booksehlf. This is a beautiful edition, with original illustrations from Diana Stanley and this hardback edition has a real handling pleasure ... This would be a fantastic Christmas present for a keen 7-10 year old reader. 5/5


What makes this omnibus edition special is its feel - the size, weight, look and feel of it make you want to sit in front of the fire and read.

Saffia Farr JUNO