The Greatest Magician in the World

Matt Edmondson

Garry Parsons
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A showstopping quirky gift book for budding magicians, filled with mind-blowing removable magic tricks. Prepare to be amazed!

Elliot is mad about magic. Completely and utterly mad. It’s all he talks about, all he thinks about, and even all he dreams about! And it’s not surprising, because magic is in Elliot’s blood. His great grandfather had once been known as The Greatest Magician in the World and Elliot is desperate to follow in his footsteps. But it’s tricky when the only magic book in the library is missing half its pages, and there’s no one around to teach you.

But all that’s about to change when Elliot discovers a long lost letter from his great grandfather and embarks on a magical adventure that could change his life forever!

Be bamboozled by the Mind-Reading Pants Trick, or wowed with the Disappearing Object Trick! Written by former professional magician and TV and radio star Matt Edmondson, and illustrated by the bestselling Garry Parsons, The Greatest Magician in the World is an incredible interactive novelty gift book featuring a brilliantly witty and exciting quest story, a cast of personality-packed magicians and everything you need to perform seven jaw-dropping magic tricks. Abracadabra!

In the media
This is a really great book. The storyline and illustrations are lots of fun. But best of all is the interactive nature of the book which includes magic tricks for readers to try themselves at home. My daughters absolutely loved doing the tricks and were very excited to put on a magic show for daddy!

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This is a really great book, also it’s big and great quality. We love magic so this was an instant hit. The story is really good and the illustrations are too.

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This large format hardback accompanies the sweet story about believing in yourself with a series of fantastic magic tricks. Readers can learn card tricks, counting tricks and other puzzles with everything that’s needed included in various ingenious slots, boxes and envelopes, engineered to provide an exciting book full of brilliant activities, as well as a story.


The interactive part of this books is the show stopper! My 5-year-old cannot put it down and is constantly doing magic tricks which despite being easy are extremely good. This would make a great present and really is one of the best books we have had in a while. Highly recommended.

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