Back On Track

Matthew Burton

10-12 years
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22 July 2021
208 pages

A motivational and hopeful handbook for frazzled secondary school kids everywhere, by the nation's Head Teacher, Matthew Burton.

'You're now at secondary school - you've settled in, made some friends and you know the subjects you like and the ones you loathe. Added to that, you've just managed to survive the most BONKERS year ever. Are you feeling a little frazzled? Like you can't be bothered? That everything is just pointless? We all feel like that from time to time. But you can get back your mojo, find a bit of hope and get back on track.'

Whether facing assessments, a big change or having to make up for lost time, Head Teacher Matthew Burton is here to help students get motivated again.

From ways to manage the tough times and solve even the biggest problems, to skills for beating school stress and tapping into your potential, this is the one-stop guide for kids who are in need of a bit of hope, some soothing words of advice and a good old pep talk to get them going in school again.

Whatever it is that young people are worried about, this book is crammed with advice so that though things at school might seem really hard, they will soon be back on track and raring to go.

From the star of Educating Yorkshire and author of Go Big comes the perfect pick-me-up for frazzled secondary school children across the nation, as Burton outlines ways to regain your educational mojo during pandemic chaos.

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