The Big Bang and Beyond

Michael Bright

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The Big Bang and Beyond takes readers back to the very beginning and the violent birth of the universe, our solar system, and planet Earth. Take a closer look at the physical evolution of our planet and discover how the continents moved, climates changed and the conditions became just right for life to evolve.

Using stunning photographs and graphic 3-D images, The Big Bang and Beyond brings core curriculum subjects to life with an engaging design.

Written by bestselling author Michael Bright, his digestible approach to science makes this the perfect book for project work or interest reading.

In the media
The outstanding feature of this book is its remarkable photography, along with graphic 3D images, which really help the reader understand how the universe came to be

Parents In Touch

Presents the Big Bang theory very beautifully and in a way that is easy to understand. Complex scientific ideas are broken down into manageable pieces that engage the reader and make you want to read more. The book mainly focuses on scientific geographical aspects of the Earth, such as climate change, the atmosphere and the role of water.

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