HONEST: Everything They Don't Tell You About Sex, Relationships and Bodies

Milly Evans

Illustrated by Lucia Picerno

Ages 13 to 15
09 June 2022
320 pages


Sex is EVERYWHERE. So why don't we talk about it properly?

A bare-all, refreshingly honest guide for teens, written by someone who isn't thirty years older than you.

Being a teen is tough enough without having to navigate the minefields of discovering sex, love and bodies. And let's be real: sex education at school doesn't always cut it.

Sex educator and journalist Milly Evans is here to help - as a young adult who is still figuring life out, she knows exactly what teens are going through. And she's here with answers to all those questions that aren't in their school textbooks.

From orgasms to anatomy, gender identity to masturbation, positive relationships to first times, it's all here, and in candid detail.

With playful and informative black-and-white illustrations by Lucia Picerno throughout, HONEST is the searingly frank, inclusive and witty guide that every 21st century teenager needs.

Enough foreplay! Let's do this.
In this book Evans covers every aspect you can imagine, from gender issues to online safety, mental health, consent and knowing your body. It is a book for people of all genders and is positive and supportive when dealing with issues that people might face. A good addition to the library.