Wonders of the World's Museums

Molly Oldfield

Harriet Taylor Seed
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Open up this treasure trove of wonders to visit 43 museums and 50 exhibits! Discover the most fascinating and mysterious objects found in museums, from star attractions to unsung exhibits. With Molly Oldfield, research elf of hit television show QI, unearth the astonishing stories of how these treasures were created, found and finally displayed. Travel back in time to discover an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, encounter China's mysterious Terracotta Army, sail the seas in a Viking ship, take flight in the world's first aeroplane, defend World War Two Britain in Churchill's siren suit, journey to the Moon with Neil Armstrong in the Apollo 11 Command Module and even play in a World Cup Final wearing Pelé's victory shirt. Through stunning photography and glorious illustration, these wonders and many more will bring history, science and culture to life for readers aged 10+, as well as the whole family!

In the media
The Book is packed with photographs, illustrations and text buzzing with enthusiasm.

The Financial Times

a whirlwind tour of the great museums' strangest treasures...a reference book to be prized

The Daily Telegraph

Packed with intriguing stories, this collection of wonders will inspire you to discover astonishing objects for yourself.

The Week Junior - Book of the Week

Beautifully illustrated collection of objects from around the world...[Molly Oldfield's] breadth of knowledge and dry humour shine throughout this book.

Daily Mail