A Kit Salter Adventure: The Shaman's Secret

Natasha Narayan

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The feisty and adventurous Kit is in a coma after being poisoned in China by her arch enemies the Baker Brothers. On board a ship to England, her friends are desperate for a cure. When they hear about an inventor who is working on electricity and Electro Therapy, the group change route to Tombstone, Arizona, western America, to find him.

Luckily Kit is cured in time but it's not long before she is in mortal danger once again; one of the dastardly Baker Brothers has turned into a shape shifting Skinwalker and has cursed Kit. The gang must now travel to the Grand Canyon and enlist the help of a Shaman medicine man. But the Wild West is full of dangerous outlaws: ruthless cowboys and highway robbers. Can they navigate though the dangerous Wild West and make it to the Grand Canyon in time?

An enthralling journey into the heartland of America filled with danger and discovery.

In the media
'It's great for anyone who really likes an action-packed story!' Anorak.


'... exciting, death-defying adventure' Ilford Recorder.

Ilford Recorder

'It's an adventure right enough, with enough thrills and spills to satisfy and some bits of educational history and geography thrown in for good measure, but without being too obvious' The School Librarian.

School Librarian