Next Stop Zanzibar Road!

Niki Daly

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Giraffe Books


It's a hot day on Zanzibar road and Mama Jumbo puts on her jazzy dress and her "Flippy-floppy, flappy-slippy, this-way-that-way pom-pom hat", hops in Mr Motiki's taxi and heads off to the market. After a long day of shopping as Mama Jumbo heads home, Mr Motiki's taxi has a puncture! How will Mama Jumbo save the day and get home to Little Chico? Later Mama Jumbo sews Little Chico a cute, tutti-frutti shirt from a piece of fabric that she got at the market. Little Chico is delighted with everyone's reactions until Baba Jive says that he looks good enough to eat. The quirky and much-loved gang from Zanzibar Road is back for another fun-filled adventure with Mama Jumbo, Little Chico and a host of colourful and entertaining characters that will delight children and adults alike.