The Ice Boy

Patricia Elliott

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Hodder Children's Books


Edward's vision of a land far across the sea brings him hope that his father is alive and well, and didn't perish in the storm. If only he could reach the island and look for Dad. When he rescues Bur, the mysterious young man from the waves, Edward is given the chance to attempt the perilous quest, but time is fast running out . . .

In the media
Elliott builds an intriguing mystery without losing young readers...All the time that Elliott is weaving tension, suspense and a sense of dange in her book, she also steadily builds complex characters

English Association Journal

A remarkable first is a writer whom you can trust to tell a real story in language that is fresh, subtle and vivid.


The story is gripping...filled with striking metaphors, the book paints a clear picture in the imagination

The Hounslow Chronicle

An imaginatively told tale

Newbury Weekly News