Out on 23 March 2023

Funny Beasts

Paul Mason

Illustrated by Tony De Saulles
6-9 years
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23 March 2023
32 pages

Heaps of funny facts and cartoons about the animal world's most hilarious adaptations!

Animals have developed some downright strange features and behaviours to survive day in and day out. This book's lively artwork and side-splitting jokes bring these behaviours alive - and uncover the awesome science of the animal world. Meet the quirkiest, the flashiest, the stinkiest and of course the absolutely funniest animals on planet Earth!

Funny Nature is a series of books presenting science learning through laughter. Brought to you by the author and illustrator of The Poo That Animals Do, this series covers science topics including evolution, adaptation, habitats, anatomy, physiology, life cycles and much more! Perfect for fans of facts and fun aged 6+.

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