The Best Ever Jobs In: Science

Paul Mason

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Will your future career be in the exciting world of science? This book will show you that there is so much more to a science career than peering at bacteria through a microscope.

If you want to be an astronaut, a crime scene investigator, a brain surgeon, a particle physicist or even a volcanologist, then you're going to need to study science at school. There are lots of careers that use science in one way or another and this book will open your eyes and your mind to the possibilities that science can bring.

Delve in and read about some exciting jobs that may inspire you in your future career. You never know where a science career will take you. You might end up solving crimes, working with famous sports stars, up a mountain, under the ocean or even far out in outer space.

Famous and leading scientists in their fields are featured throughout. You'll also go behind the scenes with crime scene investigators, palaeontologists, scientific photographers, food scientists and the particle physicists at CERN to discover more about how they do their jobs.

This series is ideal for readers aged 11+ who are considering their options at school. Many children worry about job opportunities in the future and these books highlight a great range of jobs in STEM and STEAM subject areas, which can help inspire them to think about where they want their lives to take them.

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