The Poo-niverse

Paul Mason

Illustrated by Fran Bueno
6-9 years
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09 September 2021
48 pages

Take a trip around the poo-niverse, with all the best faecal facts squeezed into one book!

The Poo-niverse is your one-stop for excrement information, from poo-eating worm toilets to poisonous poos, from poo particles on toothbrushes to crucial post-poo hand-hygiene tips. Find out about exploding poo in history, where it goes after you flush, which creatures' poos are used to make tea, coffee and cheese, how much of your food is grown using poo - and much, much more.

From high-(and low-)interest excrement information, to important guidance on hygiene and good health, this book taps into the brains of readers who love learning while laughing.

There's a whole world where science meets sanitation: are you brave enough to dive in?

Author Paul Mason and illustrator Fran Bueno bring you an irresistible combination of words and pictures, alongside perfectly poo-filled photos. Great for readers ages 7 to 9 and beyond!

Contents of The Poo-niverse:
Welcome to the poo-niverse / Poo creation / What's in a poo? / The world's biggest poos /
Not a waste / What a waste / Poo snacks / Weaponised poo / Things we do with animal
poo / The Guano War / Toilets through time / C leaning up / Hygiene and hand-washing /
Into sewers / Space poo / Poo from the past / Tapeworms - poo parasites / A bit about
farts / Weird animal poo / How often is often enough? / What your poo says about you /
The poo lexicon + Finding out more / Glossary / Index