Training For Sport: Improving Strength and Power

Paul Mason

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Whether you are a weight lifter, gymnast, kayaker or javelin thrower, strength and power are crucial to you performance and technique. This book provides the science, training advice and exercises to help you improve at your sport.

· Understand the difference between strength and power and how important they each are for your performance.
· Test your core stability, the most important form of strength for all sportspeople, and improve it by following step-by-step excercises.
· Learn how to apply biomechanics to your training in order to use your strength and power most effectively.
· Read about powerful sportspeople, such as Chris Hoy, Matthias Steiner and Stepanka Hilgertova.

Combining sports science, nutrition, training programmes and exercises, the Training for Sport series of books is a complete guide to raising performance for children aged 9+.