The Great Art Activity Book

Paul Thurlby

6-9 years
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19 April 2018
64 pages

Get creative with one of the world's most-visited museums and discover more about masterpieces and the stories behind them.

This wonderful activity book will help bring the paintings to life in fun and interesting ways. It's a fantastic platform for children developing a lifelong love of art as well as their creative skills.

Created in consultation with the National Gallery, this engaging book introduces children to one of the richest collections of paintings in the world, including famous works by the greatest painters - Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez, Degas and many others - and masterpieces by less familiar artists.

Praise for Paul Thurlby's Numbers: 'Stunning collection.' Guardian

'Paul Thurlby's prints are so ludicrously beautiful that I am seriously tempted to blow the budget, order the whole lot and paper a wall with them.' India Knight, journalist and author

Paul Thurlby's books are a brilliant way to get children interested in art. He makes paintings accessible and understandable, as well as offering lots of hints and techniques so children can improve their own artistic abilities.

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