Out on 11 August 2022

Step Into Science: Forces and Magnets

Peter Riley

6-9 years
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11 August 2022
32 pages

Step up your science knowledge with Step Into Science and discover the science of forces and magnets!

Step Into Science: Forces and Magnets takes you on a journey of scientific discovery. With the help of a cast of funny blobby characters, you'll find out how we use forces everyday; which force pulls objects down holes and why Earth acts like a huge magnet. Explore which materials are magnetic and discover how to test them.

Colourful and quirky illustrations make these core science topics exciting and fresh and encourage interaction with the subject.

Written to support the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2, each title explores key scientific topics through a combination of concise information and fun experiments.

Perfect for readers aged 7+

Titles in the series:
Forces & Magnets
Rocks & Soil
The Body