Map Your Planet: Climate Change

Rachel Minay

6-9 years
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14 April 2022
32 pages

Explore the climate crisis impacting Earth through maps.

Climate Change may be the biggest issue facing the world today. Learn all about global warming and what it means for our planet: from rising seas and extreme weather, to the huge impacts it has on people and the natural world. Most important of all, how are we causing our changing climate - and what can we do about it?

Explore geography through maps with the Map Your Planet! series. See key geography topics in action, as case studies are brought to life with large, detailed maps. Discover the importance of mapping and how maps are created and kept up to date.

Ideal for children aged 9-11 years.

Titles in the series: Biodiversity/ Climate Change/ Habitats/ Mountains/ Natural Disasters/ Population and Settlement/ Rivers and Coasts