Best White And Other Anxious Delusions

Rebecca Davis

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Pan Macmillan


Rebecca Davis has been described as one of the funniest writers in South Africa today. Her razor-sharp wit combines with her acute powers of observation to produce social and political commentary that will have you in stitches even as it informs and provokes you to think seriously about the topics she discusses. In Best white Davis offers advice on life’s tricky issues; discusses the perils of being a ‘Best white’; laments the fact that society does not have a universally adopted form of greeting, such as the high-five; explores the intricacies of social media and internet dating; considers the future of reading and tackles a range of controversial topics in between.

In the media
‘But the pesky thing about history is that you can’t just take it off and hang it up, like a coat. In a generation’s time, maybe being a Best white will seem as outdated and irrelevant a performance as someone who arrives at work on rollerblades. Till then, you’ll find us checking our privilege. And then checking to make sure everyone’s noticed.’ – From Best white and other anxious delusions. ‘30-something writer, dreamer, lover, lemur, thinker, talker, reader, stalker. I write for the Daily Maverick, I wrote for the late Cape Town.’ – Rebecca Davis’s twitter bio.