Out on 04 July 2024

Try: A picture book about friendship

Rob Burrow

Kevin Sinfield

Illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Ages 2 to 5
04 July 2024
32 pages


Try is an irresistibly big-hearted picture book about a friendship between two young boys, inspired by the real-life affection between rugby legends, fundraising heroes and best friends Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield – written with Emma Adams and illustrated by Ben Whitehouse.

Meet Rob and Kev. They play games together, laugh together and go to school together. They have lots of other friends. But Rob always has Kev. And Kev always has Rob.

When their teacher, Ms Phelps, asks the class to think of their hero, Kev knows exactly who to pick: the fast, brave and strong captain of the Roaring Bears rugby team! Rob, however, feels unsure. Do heroes really have to be big and strong? Before long, Rob and Kev start to realise that perhaps being a hero isn't all about strength and muscles – it's much, much more than that . . .

Celebrating affectionate and caring friendships and brought to life with gorgeous illustrations, Try shows young readers, especially young boys, the power of friendships based in love, trust and vulnerability – and that there are many ways to be strong.