Extreme Science: Magnificent Habitats

Rob Colson

Jon Richards

6-9 years
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28 May 2020
32 pages

When the world of science is viewed at its extremes it is easier to study and understand and it is also much more awesome!

Inside Magnificent Habitats find out about all of Earth's biomes, and how life on Earth is adapted to live in these rich and varied environments, such as the deep ocean, boreal forests and vast deserts. Uncover how plants and animals are adapted to survive droughts, extreme rainfall, freezing temperatures and scorching heat, and how landscapes change with the seasons, or due to changing conditions, such as wind, tide or volcanic eruptions .

This series looks at extreme qualities and experiences, and how things have evolved and adapted to reach their extreme state and how we can identify scientific information from this. Presented in a highly graphic and accessible way, Extreme Science will appeal to visual learners and reluctant readers. Aimed at children aged 9 and up.

Extreme Science is a series of six book:
Powerful Forces
Awesome Matter and Materials
Spectacular Light and Sound
Phenomenal Plants
Magnificent Habitats
Incredible Living Things